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CCTV Consultant specialises in providing instructional and educational CCTV solutions for industry professionals and employers through professionally developed correspondence courses.

Closed circuit television, or CCTV, is used to enhance public safety and detect crime. It is increasingly recognised as an effective way to provide surveillance for your premises.


CCTV Specialist, IT Networking Engineer, Qld. Gov. Consultant, trainer and acclaimed author in one package.

Supply, support & Consultancy

He is a most highly qualified professional in CCTV applications, systems and new technologies. An innovator at the leading edge of this exciting industry.

Douglas pioneered his talents and beliefs in the future of this industry and the specialised applications of CCTV. The industry now has a wide acceptance not only in security and surveillance, but also incorporates new remote digital networking capabilities.
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Consultancy Training and Assesment

The education and training division wants you to get a good start now in your CCTV Career. It's time to help yourself to an education.

CCTV Consultant Training is now offering an International CCTV Security Systems Correspondence Course to people involved in the industry but unable to attend scheduled courses.

The CCTV Systems Training Course was given Government approval as an Approved Training Organization (ATO 396).
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