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Douglas specialises in providing instructional and educational CCTV solutions for industry professionals and employers through professionally developed correspondence courses.

Closed circuit television, or CCTV, is used to enhance public safety and detect crime. It is increasingly recognised as an effective way to provide surveillance for your premises. Governments at local, state and federal levels are now using this technology to identify and deter the criminal element in our society.

Consultancy Services

Douglas is a CCTV Specialist, IT Networking Engineer (MCSE), Consultant, trainer and acclaimed author.


Douglas offers his Consulting services anywhere in Australia. If you want the job done right the first time, call him now.

Mobile : 0439 671 111

You will receive a specification designed uniquely for your project, along with a certified network diagram of all IP devices. Your team will understand exactly what to expect from the contractor awarded the work. Douglas will also offer tender evaluation, project management, and most importantly, support many years after the work is completed.
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Consultancy Training

The education and training division wants you to get a good start now in your CCTV Career. It's time to help yourself to an education.

CCTV Training is now offering an International CCTV Security Systems Correspondence Course to people involved in the industry but unable to attend scheduled courses.

The CCTV Systems Training Course was given Government approval as an Approved Training Organization (ATO 396) The Course was initially only offered through a TAFE College which Douglas instructed himself. The demand required a Correspondence or Distance learning course on line for students in Australia and abroad.
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