Specialists in CCTV since 1985.

We are Skilled Professionals in IP Camera Surveillance Systems. Large scale Mega-Pixel Cameras systems require reliable analytic server based hardware architectures.

Our designs are a result from years of experience in the industry. If you are wanting a quotation for our CCTV Consulting Services read through our detailed list and decide which services you require.

We are an independent service based company. Our flexibility and decisions come from not having any affiliations.

Mobile : 0439 677 911

Consultancy Services

Douglas is a CCTV Specialist, IT Networking Engineer (MCSE), Consultant, trainer and acclaimed author.


You will receive a Performance Specification rather than a Design and Construct type specification. Our solution will be designed uniquely for your project, along with a detailed network diagram of all IP devices. You will understand exactly what to expect from the contractor awarded the work. We will also offer a complete service package, and most importantly support, many years after the work is completed.
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Consultancy Training

For those of you in the Industry, the education and training division wants you to get a good start now in your CCTV Career.

The CCTV Systems Training Course was given Government approval as an Approved Training Organization (ATO 396) The Course was initially only offered through a TAFE College which Douglas instructed himself. The demand required a Correspondence or Distance learning course on line for students in Australia and abroad.
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