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The CCTV Consultants Correspondence On-Line Course (More Info)

AUD $999.00

You will find this course interesting, as well as informative. I personally walk you through the process of becoming a consultant. I will also advise you of the options you have when designing systems of CCTV and Access Control. If you have a desire to one day become an experienced Security Consultant but lack the understanding of how to, then this is the course for you. It’s the only such course in the world and the method has worked well for myself over the years.

I am currently active as a Security Consultant, familiar with the Industry to day. I’ll offer you insight and knowledge and a method you can employ to easily merge into the suppliers industry. This knowledge is necessary when you go to market yourself with a technical understanding of any solution you choose..  Each chapter is written to a Competency Based Format, a requirement of the Australian Government for Approved Training Organizations, which we have achieved as Grants (CCTV) Security Training (ATO 396).

The CCTV Consultants Correspondence On-Line Course
Fees include: Correcting papers, Certificate, all shipping costs and ongoing technical advice.


AUD$45.00 includes postage. Just a few left of this edition, special price.

The first book on CCTV called, “The Industries Guide to CCTV” This book was written in 1995 it is all about analogue CCTV technology of its day. You buy this book understanding there was next to no information written in book form directly pertaining to CCTV in those days. This book is to be bought as a collector item or an item of interest for your library. There is no reference to IP or digital CCTV Technology found in the book.

This book was my first contribution to the CCTV Industry